Marketing example

A good friend on mine just started a new business.
He has started this business for 2 reasons.

  • Make money from home
  • Create a useful business
  • He started an online business directory for Clarksville Tennessee.

    What was the marketing plan for this business

    The marketing plan is to add businesses to the directory at an affordable price and offer them more than any one else.
    The most used category ofcoure is the retail stores category.
    There are a few more categories ofcourse and some of them were filled with listings and some of the others just had a few listings in them.
    The next largest category is like you can imagine the
    clarksville Health and medicine
    category and that is because of the money there is made in that section,

    This is a good marketing starting point

    Offer and deliver more than the competition does.

    Social media for marketing

    We know that using social media is very important for marketing and we all have to use it.
    That is why he made the following basic social media sites for his main business website

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • All the social media sites linked back to the main site of-course.
    It is hard to get likes to Facebook and shares on Google+, but fairly easy to get followers on the social media site Twitter that is used by so many people.
    Every new listing was submitted to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter by and automated software.

    Leave your comment what you think about this marketing plan and what would you add to it.


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