Self Defense For Business Owners

self defense for business ownersThe subject of self defense for business owners is not something they talk about too much.
It is however in my opinion not a subject to ignore since there are stories about stores and businesses being robbed in broad daylight on several occasions.
I have to  admit that most of them are gas stations and maybe a liquor store and that kind of stores that do a lot of cash transactions.

Have you ever thought about the times you had to go make a bank deposit after hours at you local bank? I have done that many times and stayed as close to the wall of the building with my car and dropped my deposit in the drop box.

It is not impossible that something can happen to you as a business owner in you store, leaving your store or in some other situations.

I read some good articles about the use of a stun gun for self defense and the two I liked most I will share with you.

I highly recommend that you read those two articles since they give some nice insight in how to defend yourself without lethal weapons. Lethal force with a gun is in the news in not a good way lately. It seems like there are more legal problems with that and many cases are controversial in the news. Years ago the use of a gun as a business owner was more excepted and  the law was more on our side. Lately I read more and more about the use of lethal force or even the use of a gun for self defense to be a problem in a court of law.

Prepare yourself and look into the use of a non lethal self defense weapon as a business owner. Be ready to use it when you are in your business or outside while leaving or doing a bank deposit. Besides looking around and staying away from potential dangerous situations it is good to have a look at self defense weapons for business owners.


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